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#38 - Happy Birthday My Queen ♥ -}
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 | 07:06 | 0Comment



Today is my mom birthday . Happy birthday *hug and kiss*

Well , since today is the special day for my mom , I want to make this entry more special .
Bukan dengan ucapan - ucapan yang klise , tapi dengan perkara - perkara yang I think unique about my mom . From the eyes of daughter lah kiranya .

So enjoy !

  1. My mom never pampered me instead dia selalu bertegas dengan saya . I will never get what I want but I will always get what I need . Kadang - kadang when she diallowed me to do something , I know that's for my own good  . Bukan sebab dia tak sayang but because dia sayang sangat .
  2. My mom tak pakai accesories or even gold necklace , gold rings , bracelet . She's not someone who really into it . Now I know why I'm not interested as well I thought saya ni bukan lah perempuan sejati but I was wrong hehe like mother , loke daughter .
  3. My mom is an independent woman and wife . Someone yang tak meminta - minta .
  4. My mom pentingkan priority dalam semua benda .
  5. My mom was a clerk . Meaning , semangat dia kental .
  6. My mom is someone yang tak suka troubling others . During her school times , kalau nak duit she never asked her parents instead if she really need money to buy some book stuffs she will sell kuih and fruits from my atok's dusun .
  7. She's now 48 but she looks 40 . woot woot
  8. She cooks better than the 5-stars chef .
  9. When she speaks , she presented boldly and confidentally .
  10. She;s too friendly even with strangers because she is nice .

May Allah bless my mother dunia akhirat . I want to give her hapiness here and hereafter . I wanna make her proud . I want to love her as much as she loved me . Ya Allah , protect myself from hurting her , dissapoint her . Panjangkan umurnya dan izinkan aku berbakti untuknya demiMU ..